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It’s about having education and healthy families. It’s about prolonging the simple joy of healthy living! Our mission is to help our patients accomplish these goals in a painless, compassionate, and efficient way.

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I suffered from migraine headaches for over 7 years.  After dealing with the migraines for several years I decided to take some medication to get some relief.  The medication helped a little but the side effects were miserable.  Dr. Matt Wink came into our office and was telling us about how he could help with migraines.  I was a little skeptical in the beginning but I was willing to try anything.  Before seeing Dr. Wink I was have about 4 migraines per week.  After 3 treatments I was down to only 1 migraine per week.  After 6 treatments I was going the entire week without a migraine and I continue to improve to this day.  Truly amazing.




I had been suffering with low back pain for over 5 years.  I was a little scared to visit a chiropractor as I knew very little about that profession.  Dr. MattWink had been coming to our office so I got to know him and decided to give him and chiropractic a chance.  After just one treatment I felt a world of difference.  The next morning I was able to bend over and wash my feet while in the shower for the first time in years.  So thankful I gave it a chance.




I have struggled with back and nerve pain for some time. With a career and young family, it can be difficult to make time to see a chiropractor. Dr. Wink has made the process so much easier. He comes to our office, is always on time, respectful of my schedule, and is a consummate professional. Immediately, I found relief in my nerve pain and Dr. Wink was able to solve numbness issues in my arm that arose from this nerve. All while never leaving my office and keeping my schedule intact. I highly recommend Dr. Wink and his practice.

- ROBERT, Senior Financial Adviser