What to expect on your first visit

Please download and fill out this intake form before your first visit:

New Patient Paperwork

Step One

New Practice Member Forms: All new practice members are asked to complete new practice member health forms to help us better understand where you are coming from and how we can best serve you in our office.

Step Two

Consultation: Your health and history matter to us. So, you will receive a one-on- one consultation to discuss your health issues and goals, uncover layers of past damage/trauma to help determine the root cause of your health conditions.

Step Three

Evaluation: The nervous system is the master control system of the body. A healthy nervous system is essential for a healthy life. Therefore, you will receive a neurological evaluation to get an exact assessment of how your nervous system is currently functioning.

Step Four

Additional Diagnostic Testing: The doctor will advise you if additional tests are needed including any Chiropractic Postural Specific X-rays.

Step Five

New Practice Member Orientation: Knowledge is the most important part of the healing process. So, a Report of Findings will be conducted to discuss your personal health conditions. You’ll also receive a thorough explanation of care recommendations, including finances and the steps needed for us to assist you in achieving your health goals.

Step Six

Elevate your health! Initiate care and start your path to achieving your optimal health potential!

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